First they deceive the world by building up over the years a reputation for absolutely ridiculous special effects – and then they go on and produce, under that disguise, a row of superbly written and well performed science ficion series ( they want to keep the goodies for themselves I suppose). But I have seen through their nefarious schemes and bought the first season of the “Dr Who” spinoff series “Torchwood” on DVD. Pure brilliance.

As for special effects, actually the BBC is quite capable of F/X work on par with Hollywood, but much like Star Trek these series on a specific imagery; no-one wants to see Daleks that look like ‘real’ robots  or Cybermen without strap-handles.

With the public transport on strike in Berlin and the weather too bad for motorcycling I’m locked in  anyway, so I guess I have something to do over the weekend 🙂