Die Beste Aller Zeiten

Going direct to heaven, going direct the other way

Why are we here

Religion and philosophy have for ages asked questions like “Why are we here” or “what is the purpose of our existence in the universe”. Since they haven’t found any answers yet I like to propose after this weekend two anwers myself. We are here to

  • help a godchild to build towers and fortresses from sofa cushions
  • to feel the gentle rasp of a cats’ tongue against the tip of our fingers [1]

Okay, so that’s not very philosophical, but I guess as long as I have a choice I prefer cats and kids to philosophy.

  1. A second before she tries to claw of your arm. It’s not so much that cats are actually unpredictable, it’s more that apes always fall for the same tricks.


Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr


Das Ende der Welt im Wandel der Zeit


  1. HI Eike

    To find God, do not follow religious leaders, simply humble yourself, set aside time, and ask God to reveal Himself to you, whoever He is. There are many false religious leaders promoting false gods. So ask God Himself who He is, and wait for His answer, I did and He responded!

  2. I did look for him, following the directions from religious people, and I did not find him. I gathered that if even priests do not know where he lies he is probably not there at all. However I resent the allegation that I steal – everything I have is earned and payed for.

  3. We were created & put on Earth for Gods pleasure, He would enjoy -watching us having fun and thanking Him for our lives, and the things given us. But unfortunately, instead of being good creatures, we decided to be bad ones, we broke all the rules and this upset God.

    The reason we don’t see God in the World is because of our evil ways (we all tell lies, we all steal, we all blaspheme His name etc). We break His commandments every day, and therefore have broken our relationship with Him.

    God is around though and can be found, if we look for Him. But who looks for God?

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