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I need a Beta-Tester

I hope you all had a happy holiday.

I made some changes to the “place here module” ( sometimes I think I should find another name). There is now an edit button in the frontend, you can specifiy an offset (so, for example, you can display a category starting with the 5th,7th,nt..h article), the module rows now have a CSS class “even” and “odd” respectively than can be used for “zebra striping” (alternate colors) and I fixed a number of bugs (or so I hope).

However I’m not at home (that is, not at my workplace) and have only a very limited internet connection, so I have no proper way to test all this. So I would ask you out there to do a bit of beta-testing for me.

I especially want to know if the links are correct when the content type is set to “articles” (formerly content items, I changed this to be consistent with J!1.5 terminology)  and “link to category” is set to “yes” (and SEO Urls are enabled).

Link is here: mod_placehere_v111_beta

I’m grateful if anybody will test this for me, but you shouldn’t bother yet to update production sites even if it works (since there will be more changes shortly).


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    1. Thanks for getting this done, I am off to test it, will report back… coool!!

    2. runs smooth, viele gruesse aus australien
      many tas

    3. Very great work bring super flexibility! Happy New Year!

    4. Keywan,

      by all means, yes. Can you send this by E-Mail (see contact info in the left sidebar). And many thanks for the help (to all of you) !

    5. Further testing WAMP php5. First run I was busy and used a demo.subdomain where someone unpublished all my articles-geez.

      This is an awesome module and I look forward to the next release… hope you can delete my post that was 3:38am for me.

    6. I gave it about 20 minutes. Changed numerous settings and only thing that I got to display on the site was the title and the not found info. I’ll subscribe to your feed for comments and watch for updates. I’ll test the next version. I tried everything from one article to several, sections, categories and just didn’t get it to pull data into the mod. I deleted without looking at the code… lack of time. Not a newb and have about 250 active joomla sites.

    7. Keywan Ghadami

      yes the edit button is only displayed when one of the other icons is enabled to. The e-mail and pfd button do not work, but i haven got the the time to get closer on that. Based on your v111 beta I extended your modul (helper.pl) by adding a support for displaying related articles. Are you interested in the source? I would like to share my work anyhow.
      Happy new year.

    8. Hans Jürgen Tkocz

      hi Eike,

      after login frontpage editing is possible
      sorry, my fault

    9. Hi Hans,

      this is strange, edit buttons should be to the right of the print/mail icons (on second thought, it might be that the edit button is displayed only when the other icons are displayed too. I check that and fix it if necessary).

    10. Hans Jürgen Tkocz

      I tested it with both, IE 7 and Firefox 3.05 on localhost.
      The links to articles are correct, but i can´t find any edit button on the frontpage.
      Thanks for Your exellent work, Eike, and
      Happy New Year

    11. Keywan Ghadami

      Works great, thank you for the edit button it’ a very cool feature.

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