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Finally, some new code (needs testing)

I made some changes and additions to the “Place here”-module (content item module for Joomla 1.5.x); I have tested this with J! 1.5.15 on Win Vista / XAMPP but would welcome feedback from people who tested this on other platforms.


Version 1.3.0
+ Renamed “default” template to “table based template”
(since it’s not the default anymore)
+ Added “order by publishing date”
+ Patched in W. Brockmans change to sort by hits
+ Added integration for tags extension by
joomlatag.org (module view is filtered by templates tags)
+ You can now enter a range of ids into the id-field

So there are three minor and two major changes.

I renamed the default template since it is actually no longer  the default (this means if you upgrade the module and you use the table based template you will need to update the template setting in the module parameters).

There are some new ordering parameters, partly by courtesy of W. Brockman.

A more substantial change is some level of integration for the tag extension by Joomlatags.org (apparently not  the same as joomla-tags.com, so do not confuse the two). If you enter a tag or a comma separated list of tags into the “Filter by tags” -field (right beneath the id field) only the articles that are tagged accordingly will show up.

To save you a bit of typing you can now enter a range of ids into the id field – if you enter something like “1-3,6-9” it  will be expanded into  “1,2,3,6,7,8,9”. Incidentally this means you can use the module to show all articles with a certain tag – simply enter your tag, set the “type” option to “article” and enter “1-10000000” (some number that’s larger than your actual number of articles).

And finally I added a rather crucial sentence to the module description, and that is not all parameters will work with all templates. Selecting articles and ordering them will work no matter what, but everything that has to do with actually displaying stuff (link titles, show icons, show category etc) needs to be supported by the template (you should be okay if  you choose eiter “beez” or “table based”).

Download page : http://diebesteallerzeiten.de/blog/module-15/

    Actually that’s not an error

    Some settings of the placehere module are somewhat esoteric and produce unexpected results (unexpected by you, not by me), not because there is something wrong with the module but because of Joomlas strange and idiosyncratic ways when it comes to organising the way pages are displayed. I won’t go into any detail but will shortly explain an option that will cause problems unless you know what you are doing, and you do not know what you are doing because I haven’t provided any documentation.

    I’m talking about the setting “link to category” in the module settings. If this is activated, and you have linked  titles or display readmore-links will not link to the article pages but to the category page (blog layout page) of the category for this article. That is, it will do if you have a menu link for the category page. If not the setting will screw up the links, even more so if you’re using SEF-Urls. This is not an error with the module code (if anything it is a design flaw in Joomla), it’s expected behaviour (expected by me, not by you) and doesn’t require fixing or workarounds. Simply switch of this option if you do not have a category blog page and the module will work fine.

      New Features

      Keywan Ghadami (who has not given his web adress, so instead I link to the project he’s working on – studieren-ohne-grenzen.org) has added a “related article”-feature to the place here module which has found with very little modifications it’s way in the “official” release. That’s how it works:

      Related articles

      If a) the module is set to display articles; b) no article ids are given; “show related” is set to “yes” (default); and site visitors look at an article page (not an blog or component page) then related articles are displayed. This is at the moment a very basic implementation – relationship between  articles is determined by meta-keyword(s), if at least one keyword is the same for both articles the articles are related.

      Edit Button

      There is now an edit button in the frontend  (for logged in users with proper permissions).

      Start display with an offset

      There is a new parameter “offset”. If for example you set the module to display a category with ten articles and set the offset to 5 the module will display articles six to ten from the category (unless you limited the display further with the “number of items displayed” parameter).

      General Bugfixes

      The sql query used a Joomla function to determine the current date. As long as J! is Mysql only I replaced this with the simpler NOW() function from MySql (since this was easier than to look up how Joomla date functions actually work and why they gave wrong results in the module).  The “gallery mode” displayed pictures from the main content even when disabled, I fixed that, too.

      Version Number

      Since there is a new major feature I set the version number to 1.2.1. This has been quite thoroughly tested on Vista/Apache/PHP 5.2 so I don’t expect any major bugs (knock on wood), but if anything doesn’t work, well, you know where to find me.

        “Place Here” Module User Guide Part II

        (This is a duplicate post so I don’t have to rewrite stuff that was already there)

        Leading Paragraphs

        • The module can set articles in columns. However leading paragraphs span all columns ( so if you have three columns each col will span 1/3 of the width of the module position, but the leading paragraphs will span the full width of the module position)


        • see previous paragraph

        Trim text

        Like the name says this will trim down the text to the specified number of characters (so this expects a number as input, alphanumeric input will cause errors). This is a simple substring operation, so it might cut the last word in ha

        Not found title, Not found text

        If the id you entered in the id field at the top of the parameters does not return an article this title and text will be displayed instead.

        Use Meta Description

        If this is set to “yes” the module will use the text from the articles’ meta description instead of the intro text (if there is no meta description the intro text will be used as a fallback). The meta description is the short text you enter in the article manager (last entry in the parameter tab) that is supposed to be used by search engines.

        Link to Category

        If this is set to “yes” the readmore-Links in the module will not point to the single article, but to the blog layout page for the category to which the article belongs. This will only work properly if there is a link to the blog layout page somewhere in a menu (set up a hidden menu if necessary).

        Run plugins

        This is not new, but has caused a bit of confusion so I mention it here: Usually all plugins that run on the main content would run on the module content as well. This regularly wreaked havoc on page layouts when comment areas where appended to module contents etc, so I disabled plugins by default for the module. If you need to run plugins you need to set “run plugins” to “run plugins” (could I possibly be any clearer? I think not).

          “Place Here” Module User Guide Part I

          The not particularly clever named “Place Here Module” is an extension for the Joomla 1.5.x series that is designed to display Joomla articles in module positions (if you run Joomla 1.0.x you are looking for mod_contentitem).  As of yet there is no user manual, so I will cover the options for the module in a few blog posts (nothing fancy, I’ll simply enumerate the options from top down and give a short explanation).

          Here we go.


          • Possible values: Section, Category, Article
          • The module displays either complete Section, Categories or idividual Articles


          • Possible values: The numeric ID of a Section, Category, Article, or a comma separated list of IDs
          • You will find the IDs in table views of the Article/Section/Category managers (last column in the tables)

          Number of items displayed

          • Possible values: a numeric value
          • Zero ( 0 ) means an umlimited numer of items (as many as there a items in the selected
          • The module will display the entered number of items, even if there are more items in the selected section/category

          Primary Ordering

          • I have to admit I didn’t think much about the ordering options, I simply ripped this from another module and have never even tested it
          • Order by category (or section) : if your articles are from different categories or section they will be ordered by the ids of the category or section
          • The other options are pretty self-explanatory

          Secondary Ordering

          • When the primary ordering is ambigous (multiple items fullfill the same ordering criteria) secondary ordering kicks in ( I think)

          Show / Hide yxz…

          • works like in the article manager
          • this setting depends a little on the template you use; the module comes with multiple template, and if the template you use does not include code to for example show the title the “show title” setting will do nothing

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