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module for Joomla 1.0.x www.joomla.orgsee this thread in the forum:,36326.msg201327.html#msg201327
and here:,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,498/Itemid,35/

“This modules allows for publishing content items or articles in areas other than mainBody(). Choose if you want to display a single item, all items from a category, all items from a section, or a number of content items/categories/sections specified by a comma separated list of ids. Simply enter the content item ID in the module’s parameters field, assign a position to the module, and publish it. You can copy the module and assign a different name, position and contentitem id to the copy. Also includeds a “Read more” link option. With the “merge items” option you can merge multiple content items (/categories/sections) into one document for print and pdf. It will also create a table of contents for merged items (if you want to).”

Download: Content Item Module for Joomla 1.0.xx

Oct. 18/07:

Download: mod_contentitem – the same as above, but should fix the problem from comment #18. If no complaints turn up within the week this will replace This replaces the above download.

Dec 15/07

Download: – in this version the ordering system has been changed and improved (I hope). This ist not fully compatible with the previous versions, if you overwrite an existing installation of the module you’ll have to re-enter the ordering information for the items. Update: There was a typo in the XML-File (see comments) which could result in wrong ordering results, should be fixed now. Update: Added a parameter to order by Item id (which should have been there in the first place). Update: Added a parameter “trim introtext” to trim the text down to a specified number of characters. Caveat: This will remove any HTML Code from the trimmed text (so it doesn’t break tags in the middle). (30/12/07 Some people have reported problems after ths update, so you might wait a little with the download until the problem is resolved). There was problem for people who have open_basedir enabled on their servers, this should be fixed now.

    199 comments on “Content Item Module

    1. In the Joomla Extensions Directory (#498) your very usefull Content Item Module is mentioned for 1.0 and also for 1.5. Is that wrong, because I can’t find a 1.5 version

    2. Hi, that is possible to joomla. i want change the moduleitems in Frontend. But i doesn´t get a very easy tool jet. on the Site
      http:/// please tell me more 🙂

    3. Great addition to Joomla! Thanks!

    4. Remove lines 334-336 in the file helper.php as a workaround. I hope to release a better fix within the next week.

    5. At first it seemed really fine and it’s it quite intuitive to work with – so thanks for a nice module! But I’m having a bit of trouble. It only shows the article content in the right module position when I’m logged in. As soon as I log off the text/pictures disappears but joomla still leaves an empty space for the module. Both articles, sections, cathegories and modules is set to be published and to be public. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance 😉

    6. No, that would simply be a bug. Try and disable them in the module settings as a stop gab measure until I fix this.

    7. Hi Eike,

      I love the PlaceHere Module. I have one question though. I am using it to place 2 articles on the right side of my page, and those 2 articles show up with their titles and the PDF, PRINT and email buttons. Both articles are set to hide all of those items. When I display those items on other pages (not using PlaceHere), I do not see thd PDF, PRINT and EMAIL icons or the Title.

      Is there any reason that the PlaceHere module would be ignoring those parameter settings for articles?

    8. Thank you so much for this module! Partially solves the problem with inability of Joomla to show articles from different sections/categories on one page.


    9. Good job!
      Very useful extension.

    10. Hi,
      Brilliant extension!
      But I have a small question – the display is limited to an ordered number, but is it possible to have kind of navigation buttons to the next/previous set of articles in the category – just like on the frontpage item? Or just ‘More articles’ to swap pages to display?


    11. Hi Gino, just like with any other module you can disable the module title in the settings tab (on the left site set “show title” to “no”).

    12. thanks for this great extension. One questions though, the name of the place here module also shows up on the designated position. How can this be supressed please?

    13. Hi again,

      I found I had to deal with mod_placehere.xml to declare the existence of a new tpl.

      Also, the raw tpl output mode is the key to manage specific hardcoded content where are injected a user article content without messing up with clean html code.

    14. Hi,

      I’d like to manage my own Placehere output template.
      I created a new one from the default.php code.
      But my new one is not listed in the module parameters, so I can choose it.
      What is wrong ?
      Thank you

    15. Hey Eike,

      Ofcourse first of all, thanks for this great module, you’ve helped a lot of fellow developers save a lot of time!

      I do got a problem though, i’m totally not a Joomla developer but do got this Joomla project now..

      I installed everything smoothly, i created an article, add the module instance and entered the corresponding article_id.

      In the menu selector I chose the a section page, but as it happends, the item show up at all underlying pages as well, but it should only be displayed on the one i selected in Joomla at the module instance.

      I hope someone had this earlier and knows how to pinpoint me in that direction..

      Thanks a lot!

    16. You choose “category” as type, enter the category id in ID and enter a arbitrarily large number in “Number of items displayed” (5000 or something like that, it#s improbable that you will have more articles in a category).

    17. How do I display all items from a category?

    18. Hi Dennis,

      make sure “run plugins” is set to yes in the module settings (emails scrambled via a plugin and those are disabled by default for module content).

    19. I’ve used your module for my website, and many thanks for making it! I was wondering though, I’m using your module to publish my adress etc. on top of the page, but I also would like to put my emailadress in this item. But then it appears “unscrabbled” in the sourcecode, which I dont’ want. Is there a way to avoid this?

    20. Thanks! I’ll give it a try!!

    21. Hi Trevor,

      here: is a patch to override the Itemid in module content. However this doesn’t work with SEF-Urls, so I’m not sure this will help you. I don’t know a way to change the Itemid with SEF-Urls.

    22. Oh and my last comment refers to Joomla 1.0.15

    23. Hi,

      I’ve been looking for something like this as I need two articles displayed on the Front Page, and control over which ones they will be. I think this is the solution.

      Only problem is that I need to be able to force the Itemid to goto a specific page. Let’s say that I have this mod on the front page. When I click on the link to the title it takes me to the page decided upon by Joomla, which isn’t where I want to go. I have two menus that point to the same content, but with different layouts, which is causing the problem. It defaults to the incorrect one according to me.

      How would I or could you add a preference to for the Itemid?


    24. Thanks, but please help!

      When I use this module as “Intro text” od article and click on this article, the name of page is “bb” (always)

      code: bb

      What´s wrong?

      Many Thanks

    25. See your extension in action whit phoca gallery plugin. In module obras at the bottom-rigth colum.


    26. Hi Joel, I thought I had already fixed that (but obviously not). Can you please check if this happens with uncategorized content only (because then I know at least where the problem is) or if it happens with all content ?

    27. Eieke,

      That is the version I have installed. Reinstalled from your link to make sure.
      This problem only happens when logged in as administrator.
      Works fine when not logged in.
      All icons display, error message is between the pdf,email,print icons and the edit icon.
      With no icons selected to show I get no icons not even the edit icon.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    28. I think you used the wrong version – with Joomla 1.5 use this download adress: Hope that helps.

    29. I’ve tried to use this module in –Add new article — page after installing it I got this”

      Warning: require_once() [function.require-once]: Filename cannot be empty in /home/mogucha/public_html/Getpaidstore/modules/mod_contentitem/mod_contentitem.php on line 15

      Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ” (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/mogucha/public_html/Getpaidstore/modules/mod_contentitem/mod_contentitem.php on line 15

      I’m not a programmer. Please help me.

    30. This is really great. Thanks.

      ps- Joomla Day East NYC is on 10/12/2009
      watch for details…

    31. Sorry for flooding…. I forgot something !
      I’m using an old version of your module. I tried to upload new php files, but it was rendering a white page.
      I uploaded my “module” files here, if you need :
      Best regards


    32. Hello Eike !
      Thanks in advance for your work.
      I noticed that it was stopping rendering items at the 4th one.

    33. Olivier, this is certainly a bug within the module (and not an configuration issue), I will look into it over the weekend.

    34. Hello !
      First Thank you for this excellent module.
      I use it on my company website, with 40 different modules, in a tab and slide plug-in.
      I have a little problem with it :
      On some pages…. ? when displaying in blog with 2 columns, some articles are missing.
      If I display the same category content in 1 column, all is ok..
      On some pages, all is OK too with 2 columns…
      I didn’t understood where the problem was coming from.
      Here is a page where I have the two cases :
      In tab “Press” all is ok : 42 items
      In tab “Tasting” 1 item is missing…
      I tried to add an item in this category (pair / unpair numbers of item problem ?) but it didn’t work. Only 4 items displayed.
      Thank you for your help !


    35. Hi,

      Thanks the module works great! One minor fix I’ve added is to add the module suffix to .mod_placehere_leading as well as .mod_placehere

      Are there any disadvantages to doing this?

      thanks again


    36. Hi Eike!

      I discovered an important difference in your wonderfull Content Item Module. In 1.0.x it was possible to edit the module in frontend. In 1.5 I can’t find that. Can you make it or do you know other possibilities to edit modules in general in the frontend?

    37. WAAUWWW… Awsome! With “Run plugins” just what I need to display a 360 panorama in a module.


    38. Hello Eike,

      In the Joomla Extensions Directory (#498) your very usefull Content Item Module is mentioned for 1.0 and also for 1.5. Is that wrong, because I can’t find a 1.5 version.

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