Module for 1.5

08/03/08 I started a new page to make room for new comments 😉

I fixed (with help from Maurice in the comments) the SQL for the display of section/category names, this should work now. I added more ordering options, and an option to disable pluging for the module content. Alas it is not possible to disable plugins selectively, it's all or nothing. 09/03/08 Edited to add: Plugins are disabled by default, if you want to run plugins on the module content you  have to enable them in the  module parameters.

This has been tested on J! 1.5.1 J!1.5.2 running under WAMPP.

20/03/08 Added support for the accessible Beez template.  At the moment you need to manually set the template in the module parameters. Edited to add: Adam Wallner found a bug in the modules HTML that has been there for some time, I recommend an upgrade to the fixed version, or simply overwrite helperhtml.php with the fixed file from the archive.

Download link:

04/04/08 Mike Bronner fixed an sql error that prevented the author names from showing, and I took Steves suggestion from comment 27 for the readmore-Link. 

Download-Link: mod_placehere

14/04/08 Fixed the problem from comment 39/40 (and possibly with other plugins than avreloaded).

Download-Link: mod_placehere

06/05/08 various bugfixes (date, linked titels, additional  templates etc). I'm a bit tired and haven't done't too much testing, so if this doesn't work use the download link above instead and drop me a note. but people have been using this for a couple of weeks and there have been no complaints.

Download-Link: mod_placehere

26/07/08 some new parameters. As usual I leave the link above so you have a fallback if there are bugs, but I encourage you to use this and report any errors. See also this post.

Download-Link: mod_placehere

18/07/08 Bugfix Edition

Download-Link: mod_placehere

18./08/08 Fixed 'Module Class Suffix' parameter and added now ordering parameter, tested with 1.5.6

Download-Link: mod_placehere

10/10/08 New trim function that leaves HTML in trimmed text intact.

Download-Link: mod_placehere (V.1.0.1)

04/02/09 Related Article Feature, Start Display with Offset, Zebra Striping,  Edit Button in Frontend.
(Note: One commenter wrote that this version does not work for him. You can still download the previous version above, but if you have problems with the new version please file a big report in the comment section.)

Download Link: mod_placehere_v121

20/02/09 Fixed timezone bug; added new template with support for article parameters (article display uses parameters from the article manager instead the module parameters).
Previous Versions:

Download Link: mod_placehere_v122


Version 1.3.0
+ Renames "default" template to "table based template" (since it's not the default anymore)
+ Added "order by publishing date"
+ Patched in Wayne Brockmans change to sort by hits
+ Added integration for Tags extension by (module view is filtered by templates)
+ You can now enter a range of ids into the id-field (1-3,6-9 will become 1,2,3,6,7,8,9)

Previous Versions:

Download Link: mod_placehere_v1.2.2

Download-Link mod_placehere_v1.3.0


+ 02/05/10 Bugfix Groups (access) for uncategorized articles, also fixes ‘stdClass:$groups:undefined property” error
+ 02/05/10 Added option to disable frontend edit button for logged-in adm

Download Link: mod_placehere_1.3.1

If you have feature requests you might add them here in the comments.

    533 comments on “Module for 1.5

    1. Have found the reason: the module doesn`t put the wright links (http://localhost/guia/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=0) it put it in all the articles, can you fix it?

    2. Danke euch für diese mod. Genau was ich brauchte!

    3. extra super ! :-)))))

    4. Great module, thanks man!

    5. this should be a Joomla! by default module. great module! thank you very much.

    6. thanks thanks thanks for your usefull module… you are angel …. 🙂 love it <3

    7. Hi,
      Place here module when i use in my website, the article can be edited from the front end only in Home page(if the module is located in Home page only and in other pages the edit article button wont work in the front end). Is this is my website error or the modules ?

    8. Great module. Vielen Dank fuer Ihr Arbeit und Gruesse aus Hollywood!

    9. Just wanted to say this module is awesome and a much-needed extension for Joomla. Thank you very much.

    10. Hi,

      Thanks for the module , it is really usefull and easy to use,

    11. Thanks a lot for this module. it really good.

    12. Just wanted to say thank you for this extension. Does exactly what i needed to do. This is pretty much an essential extension for any Joomla designer.

      Thanks again and good luck for future developments.


    13. Great tool.Thanks a lot.

    14. Hi again Eike,

      I realized that the problem I mentioned earlier (as a comment somewhere in another post) is connected to the issue of SEF + .htaccess being used at the same time. Unfortunately I can’t afford to turn the .htaccess off. I’ve just updated the module to the 1.3.1 version, which I believe is the last, but still no love.

      It is something you acknowledged as a bug over two years ago on March 24, 2009, (comment #11105) so I’m wondering if you will be putting any focus on it in the future…

      BTW I really appreciate your module and have used it in several sites. Way to go!

      I’ll be comming back to check on updates. Cheers!

    15. Hej thanks for this great plugin. Would it be possible to imnplement again those fetures that was in the mod_contentitem, for example the ability to have the image removed from the introtext, and without creating external template-whil this is a great feature-set the order fo the title, text, image etc. Thanks a lot!

    16. Yes of course. Go to the module manager, check the checkbox in front of the place here module and click “copy” in the upper right admin toolbar. This will create an unpublished instance of the module that can be configured independently.

    17. Hi,
      is it possible to use more instances of it on one page?
      Thanks a lot!

    18. Hi,

      for me your module is one of the most used module in all my websites. So thank you soo much for your great job.
      I would like to know if is already fixed the bug for wich link doesn’t appear when using SEO settings.
      Thank you vert much again

    19. When will mod_placehere be compatible with Joomla 1.6? It is really a great module.

    20. Thank you very much, that was very usefull!

    21. i am regularly bumping all across the net just about all of the night hence I possess a tendency to read a good deal, which is not generally a good factor as a great number of the sites I visit are constructed of unproductive waste copied from different sites a thousand times, but I’ll hand it to ya this blog is frankly enjoyable and even holds some authentic substance, therefore many thanks for splitting the trend of simply just replicating other individual’s websites 🙂

    22. Thank you for making this module. It really help me a lot.

      Question: I created a lot of mod_place modules. Every day I add new articles on my site and put the article ID’s manual in the right mod_place modules. Unfortunatly this takes a lot of time. Is it possible to choose (checkboxes) the right modules when creating an article – for example below the wysiwyg editor or on a parameters tab?

    23. Good luck in the further development of your page! Thanks for this wonderful module.
      Many greetings

    24. Hi Eike,
      super Arbeit, ein großes Dankeschön.

    25. Hi, thanks a million for this module. One Question. is it possible to use more instances of it on one page. Wat I want is: 4 Divs, each shows items of a different category?

      kind regards,


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    27. Hi
      first of all: thanks for your module 🙂
      Here a problem: my server admin has set the joomla 1.5.22 cache as ON, after this change the module works correctly with the advanced parameter “no cache”
      Is it a normal behaviour ?
      Thanks for your reply,

    28. Since the update my site with joomla 1.5.20 mod-placehere no longer works …..

    29. mod placehere it’s help a lot.It’s that what I want now to organise frontpage.Thank you … : )

    30. I’m at it, should be okay in a couple of minutes. Sorry, the blog moved to a different server and I haven’t had time to see that everything works okay yet.

    31. Hi,

      Thank you for a wonderful module.

      However, I could not download the file. I got an error message saying:”the requested file doesn’t exist – Details: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found”.

      Would you please fix this problem?



    32. In frontpage:
      – If I tick “Run Plugins”: Readmore links is error (only link to root folder).
      – So I tick “Do not run Plugins”: That’s ok with Readmore links, but component JComments can not run.
      I’m stuck here. Can anyone help me, please?

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