I didn’t really intend to make any more changes to the content item module for Joomla 1.0.x because, frankly, the code is less than elegant and the best way to improve it would be to rewrite it from scratch (on the other hand it works, so why bother). Still I implemented a suggestion from the comments, in part because it allowed me to get rid of a large swath of code in the module.

The change concerns the way content items are ordered when they are displayed in the module. There are now three select boxes with ordering criteria (order by section, category, create date etc) that will be applied one after another, although I expect that not all combinations will make sense.

This is one of the few times that a new version is not fully compatible with previous versions; you can still overwrite the files with the new versions, but you have to re-enter the ordering information in the module parameters before thing will work properly. Both the new and old versions are available at the download page (see left sidebar).