There is a small thread in the Joomla! Forum under that title. Now, in theory it is very simple to display articles side by side.

  • Open the module parameter tab in the module manager
  • Enter a value in “Number of items displayed”
  • Set the value for “leading paragraphs” to 0
  • Set the value for “numer of columns” to the same value as “Number of items displayed”
  • You might want to set “width” to a sufficently large value if you set “Output mode” to table (so the width of a column should be the value for width divided by the number of columns)

However there is a catch, because this will only work when your template has actually enough horizontal room to display the articles side by side, if it hasn’t the result might be a little unpredictable. The template mentioned in the original post was Rocketthemes “Catalyst” and for that I can only point to my post about compatibility with commercial templates.