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mod_placehere with Joom!fish – does it work for you?

A few people have asked me if the “place here” module will ever support Joom!fish, something I had admittedly never properly tested, so I assumed that it would indeed not work (although I wasn’t sure why, it really should have worked).

Today I downloaded Joom!Fish 2.0.4 Stable, installed it on Joomla 1.5.15, entered a few translations and – voila!- the module displayed the translated content.

So, is it a fluke that this happens to work on my site? Or does placehere with Joom!fish work for most people and fails only for the few who have asked? I would be happy to hear from people who have actually used the combination of the two and what the problems (if any) where.


    I think these judges have a sense of humor


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    1. piotr

      Thanks for nice module. For me your mod_placehere works fine with joomfish in all aspects. (j.1.5.18)

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