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Patching mod_placehere up for !J 1.6

I have been rather busy lately – I’m currently in the finishing stages of my transition from freelance bachelor to married employee – with absolutely no time for module developement. However by popular request I have finally started on a 1.6 version for the place here module.

This will take a long while. There is no download for 1.6 yet.

In theory it would be possible to write a version that runs on both 1.5 and 1.6. However since I’m already putting time into this I want a fresh start on the thing. So the conversion to J! 1.6 comprises two stages.

There will be a patched up version that removes references to all the stuff that is thankfully gone in J!1.6 – namely the difference between “sections” and “categories” and some rather unnecessary database tables. But even so the code will be a mess. Joomla by now offers a rather nice API to construct sql queries. The queries in mod_placehere however are generated by some not-so-nice string concatenation. So the second stage will be a complete rewrite to bring my code in line with Joomlas coding standards.

I guess it will take eight days or so before I will release a developement version that provides at least the basic functionality of  the module (but don’t stake your career on this, I’ve broken promises before). Then – well, we’ll see.

My current employer does not use Joomla ( and I don’t use it much anymore either) so I will have to rely pretty much on your feedback. I’m also thinking about opening a public repository in an attempt to attract co-maintainers. We’ll see about this, either.

Anyway, the module is not dead (unless the feedback indicates that it is no longer needed).


    Some thinly veiled criticism towards some other peoples sense of priorities


    Module for 1.6 Test Release


    1. It’s a super module that comes in handy on almost every website I’ve build. Keep up the good work!!

      Tnx again for a great module

    2. jonathan

      your module is very needed.:)
      it is the baseline of many sites i build.
      much more solid and stable than UCD per example.

      thanks for the great work.


    3. Hi,

      Thank you for these good news.
      As Joomla! designer, I would like to say that i’m using mod_placehere in every of my Joomla! sites.

      Kind regards.

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