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Module for 1.6 Test Release

I have now published a test release for the place here module for Joomla 1.6. The purpose of this release is to establish what works and what doesn’t work. I would not recommend to use in on a production site (unless you own tests show that the module is fit four you intended purpose).

On the other hand it has in some places probably less bugs than previous releases – since I had difficulties to locate updated developer documentation  for 1.6 I had to look into the source code to see what parameters are expected by Joomla functions.

However there is at least one issue that might be a showstopper for you. I haven’t quite figured out the routing – if you display links to articles in the module (via readmore or linked titles) the links will work but are a little malformed. Which means that you suddenly have different links to the same content which isn’t very good for SEO.

This has been tested with a current Joomla 1.6 on XAMPP (with PHP 5.3) on Windows 7.  I had a few problems when no articles showed up at all, but this has always to be turned out to be a problem with the test data, not  the module, so make sure the content you’re trying to display does actually exist.

I’m getting married next week, so don’t expect any quick progress on this. Still your feedback is very welcome.

And of course the link: Module for 1.6


    Patching mod_placehere up for !J 1.6




    1. Love your module to bits. I use it all over the place to simplify my sites.

      I have found marriage just like coding. You work at it for hours, weeks, years and still you can’t get it to work the way you think would be best. Then you change one tiny little thing and, hey presto, it’s brilliant, it works and all those little hacks you put in place do all sorts of wonderful things. You just have to have patience 🙂

    2. Sammy

      Just want to say — Congratulations on your wedding!!! Unfortunately no amount of coding or testing can guarantee a happy married life. =P

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