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Mod Place Here – Minor Updates

I did some minor updates on the Place Here-module – partly just behind-the-scenes-bugfixing (including the issues in the comments 20 and 21 respectively) , but also two new parameters:

  • Link Titles – does of course what the name says and makes the title of an article a link if there is additional text (please note that articles displayed via the module will use the module settings, not the settings you make in the article edit view)
  • Hide current item – reads the article id from the url and hides the article with the corresponding id in the module, so you don’t have the same article twice

Available at the Download page. This is still marked as alpha but apparently a number of people already use it without problems (the alpha status is more due to the fact that a number of features are still missing as compared to the contentitem module for 1.0.x).

Edited to add: There are no special upgrade instructions. Simply overwrite existing files with the new ones.


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    1. John

      Hi Eike, great module. When I display the article via placehere it displays fine but is repeated in the main content. I tried setting parameter ‘hide current article’ top ‘yes’ but it only hides the module content (I suspect it’s intended to do this). How do I hide the content purely in the main content? Thanks.

    2. Hi Raj, not sure (I don’t think this has anything to do with the module), be sure you not only have set the permissions but that there are no ownership issues (I think the scripts need to own the modules directory to create subfolder).

    3. Raj

      Installing the module on our server (localhost ran fine) gives the error
      * JFolder::create: Could not create directory
      * Warning! Failed to move file.

      I tried putting the permissions on modules folder to 0777, but that didn’t help. Can you please help?


    4. Raj

      I get the following error on installation. I tried changing the chmod on modules folder to 0777, but that didn’t help. Can you help?

      * JFolder::create: Could not create directory
      * Warning! Failed to move file.

    5. Andrew

      Hi Eike,

      Can’t thank you enough for such a prompt reply! I resolved the problem. I had turned off the gallery to see if that was the problem, just turns out that I needed to turn off for all mod_placehere modules.

      Thank you for your help.

    6. Hi Andrew, go to the modules parameters and check if “gallery mode” is set to “yes” (and if it is set it to “no”). Gallery Mode appends the images from the main content as an unordered list and is not very useful to most people.

    7. Andrew

      Hi Eike

      Thankyou for a fantastic component. I use a loadpostion{mod-placehere} to load a list of articles into a JEvent HTML page. The articles get listed as teaser blocks as I use a ‘read more’ to hide detail. Everything works fine but I’ve just noticed if I add an image into my article below the read more marker, that image get displayed before the readmore in the article list. Any ideas?

    8. Leave

      Fehlerbehebung: Die JDate Klasse ist nicht selbstverständlich für Module verfügbar.

      // $now = date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’, time());
      // 18/11/07 Correct date routine as suggested by eathaiku
      // http://diebesteallerzeiten.de/blog/module-for-15-alpha/#comment-1275

      $date = &JFactory::getDate( $regDate ); // new JDate();
      $now = $date->toMySQL();

    9. Dekortage

      Many thanks, Eike! I didn’t realize the ‘Beez’ template was tableless, so thanks for the tip. After some experimentation, I chose Beez, with ‘raw’ output (instead of DIV). That still output some useless stuff (like an empty ‘buttonheading’ paragraph tag and an empty spacer anchor) so I actually edited the beez.php file in your /tmpl folder to remove that stuff. Now it truly dumps unmodified HTML from the content item into the module spot, which is what I was looking for. Thanks again!

    10. Hi Dekortage,

      look at the bottom at the settings panel – there you can choose a template (“beez” is the tableless option) and set “output mode” to “div”.

    11. Dekortage

      This is a great add-on for Joomla. Thank you so much, Eike!

      My only question is this: how do I get Place Here to insert the page content into the module area, without wrapping it in the table tags (like table class=”contentpaneopen” etc.)??? I would prefer to simply have Place Here output the HTML content from the page, without any additional HTML. Of course I can work around any formatting problems via CSS, but I would prefer not to have to (and the code would look cleaner without this useless table).

      I hope this makes sense. Let me know what you think. Thanks again!

    12. lekvarnik

      HI, is it possible to show only the current article what im reading in full view?

    13. Hi, Eike.

      I love Place Here. We’re using it with Chrono Forms, which makes it very easy to put forms on pages.

      Just one little quirk, though…hoping you can help. We’re currently using the module twice—for two separate forms in two different site categories. Each category is associated with an expanding menu section. You can see what I mean by looking at the “News” and “Truth to Power Cores” sections at http://www.t2pa.com.

      The problem is that when you open any page with a Place Here module in one section, it expands the menu for all sections with Place Here modules. For example, if you open a “News” page like http://t2pa.com/news/clean-tech-news, it expands the News menu tree AND the “Truth to Power Core” menu tree, too.

      Is there a way to get around this, so that if you go to a “News” page with a Place Here module on it, it doesn’t trigger other sections with Place Here modules in them?

      Thanks for your help!

    14. Hi Carolyn,

      the simple solution is not to assign the module to all pages, but to assign it only to specified menu item. On the other hand this is so simple that I might have misunderstood the exact problem.

    15. Carolyn

      i installed place_here mod. i am running 1.5 with legacy mode enabled (if that makes any difference). I just wondered if anyone could shed any light on how to make the articles in the module display on their own page. Basically i have a number of menu pages onto which i have added various articles teasers in modules using place_here. When a visitor clicks on the “read more” link i would like the article to display on its own page, without also displaying the modules. Any ideas? i am sure it is a simple solution but i cant figure it out.
      many thanks

    16. Leena

      Hi Eike,

      Sure,I will send admin details for site. Can you please fwd me your personal email? or mail me on my mail ID that I have left on this comment box.
      Thanks for agreeing to help. I am sure you must be a busy man with your schedule, I really appreciate your effort to offer help.

    17. Hi Mark,

      yes, it doesn’t work when menu items are unpublished, but it should work when you have an extra menu with published items but do not publish the module for this menu (but then your problem is solved anyway).


      I try and do my best to solve your problem, but right now I have trouble to reproduce the issue. I’ll think of something (it might help if you could grant me admin access to your site for a short time).

    18. Leena

      Hi Eike,

      Here is my website: http://itfc.itforchange.net/home.html
      I am using “placehere” module for 6 items that are on frontpage.
      Yes. these articles are linked somewhere thr’ menu.
      e.g. very fist article is linked in left side menu-> Advocacy->Gender

      Right now I have SEF enabled for site, and if one clicks on these six items it refreshes home.html

    19. Mark Gamble

      Hi Eike and Lena,

      Your module works fine when the displayed article in mos_placehere is also linked to a menu-item, even with SEF turned on. So the SEF function works in principle.

      If the menu-item to which the article is linked is not published and SEF is turned on, it doesn’t work and the article ID is not linked to the correct article.

      For my website setup though it’s fine to use a menu-item also containing the same article as mos_placehere, so my problem is solved.

      Eike, thanks for your time to sort the problem out, and good look helping Lene with her website “=_

      Best regards,

    20. Hi Leena,

      yet another question – are the articles in the module linked somewhere in a menu? Since the SEF-Functions calculate the site url from the menu (database) table they produce unpredictable results when they work on articles that are not linked in the menu (either individually or as blog page for a category). This is just the way Joomla works, so it’s outside my control.

      You can test this by setting up a menu that remains unpublished, so SEF can work with the menu data without the menu actually appearing on the page.

      (ed. to add, I do not have the faintest idea what mosmodule is, but I will have a look at it to see how the developers solved the problem).

    21. Leena

      Hi Eike,

      Yes it happens only with links within the module. and also it happens with other extension that I am using called as “Joomla featured articles”.
      Although all other Joomla links work fine. Even extensions like Mosmodule and Linkr work fine with SEF on.
      Will appreciate if we can get fix for this. Thanks you so much for your time.

    22. Hi Lena,Mark

      can you verify that this happens only with links within the module – so I can be that this is actually a problem with the module code and not a general Joomla problem (because that’s exactly the effect I’ve observered with SEF and Joomla 1.5 on some older PHP Installations) ?

    23. Leena

      Hi Eike,

      First of all, thanks for this wonderful module. It works just great.
      Whereas i am also facing similar problem as Mike is. When I turn SEF (search engine friendly) urls on none of the links from article title goes to article. Instead it goes to home.html.

      If you can find where the problem is that will be great.


    24. Hi Eike,

      You can find the settings here: http://www2.pc-active.nl/settings.png. By the way: if i don’t use SEF, there is another problem arising. If i click on the mainmenu ‘Home’ link, then click the ‘read more’ button on the module, the module stays on the page but it’s empty. If I use the Home link on the topmenu, then there’s no problem…

      Thanks for looking into this.


    25. Hi Mark,

      is the problem with SEF-Urls limited to the module? I know that at least one commenter had trouble with SEF when running PHP 4 (http://diebesteallerzeiten.de/blog/module-15/#comment-3322). If this turns out to be a problem with Joomlas SEF-Code this is a bit out of my control, but I will look into my own code to try and see if I find a problem.

      Can you do a screenshot of the parameters tab for the module, so I can try and reproduce the problem with the same settings?

    26. Hi Eike,

      Thanks for your prompt reply. Apparantly there is a problem when I use the SEF (Search Engine Friendly) option in Joomla. When enabled, the link to the article does not go to the correct item. You can see the example now on my page www2.pc-active.nl.

      I hope this makes it clear.

    27. Hi Mark,

      not sure if I understand – is your problem actually that the ids do not show up, or do all the links point to your homepage (as your example suggests) ?

    28. Hi Eike,

      Thanks very much for your module. It seems to be working fine. Although there is one problem. When I publish an article through your module, by using the article ID, the article is displayed in the user1 module on my site. But, when I click the title of the article or the read more button, the link is referred to as http://www.mywebsite.nl/home.html. So, the article ID is not in the link. Do you know where I should look to resolve this?

      Thanks in advance.


    29. Yep – I think that was it Eike. I had the columns spot empty.

    30. I’ve been playing with it and have gotten it to work – and have no idea why the “problem” went away!

    31. Hi Shannon,

      there is a bit of input validation missing, so the module will throw an error if the module is set to table output and the number of columns is set to zero. Could that be your problem (try entering 1 if you need just one col). I look further into this.

    32. Oh – I this was the 1.5 version.

    33. Hello,

      I tried to use this and received a Divide by Zero error in the helperhtml.php file at line 39.

      This module is exactly what I need – if only I could get it to work.


    34. Hi,

      your module is just what i need – but I have a problem…

      I try to show a static article, and nothing show. I I select a category instead – all is fine… ?!?!?

      Installed here:


      Your module is in left menu (Matti velkommen) – empty! Artikle is same af referenced with ‘om mig..’
      Any suggestions ??


    35. Hi Alain, I presume you run the release candidate 3 (or earlier) of Joomla 1.5 . The event dispatcher class has been renamed in RC4 and I changed the module accordingly. If you dont want to upgrade to RC4 you can change the line

      $dispatcher =& JDispatcher::getInstance();

      back to

      $dispatcher =& JEventDispatcher::getInstance();

      in the file modules/mod_placehere/helper.html

    36. hello,
      I have tried your module on Joomla 1.5, but it doesn’t work for me :
      on my home page, where I have tried to publish an article with mod_placehere, I get this :
      Fatal error: Class ‘JDispatcher’ not found in /home.10.13/anthiasc/test/modules/mod_placehere/helper.php on line 25

      I don’t think it is normal…
      What’s wrong ?

    37. Lee

      Hi Eike,

      Absolutely fantastic module, works a treat, just one thing though, is it possible to limit the number of characters that are displayed in the content description?


    38. Hi Pablo,

      the module calls the function because the function is part of a mambot that modifies the content, and you hack works because it removes the mambots that are called on “onPrepare” from the module. This is good in your case, might be bad when you actually want a mambot to run against your content, so I guess I should make this an configurable option in the module parameters.

    39. I have comment this line on helper.php and it seems to work:

      $results = $dispatcher->trigger(‘onPrepareContent’, array (& $rows[$i], & $params));

      what you think about?

    40. I’m having problems whith placehere and jcal:

      Warning: Missing argument 3 for jcal_latest() in /home/pablo/public_html/sectoresPruebas/plugins/content/bot_jcalclient_latest_events.php on line 57.

      I don’t understand why placehere uses this function.


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