“Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr! – Metaphrasen des Religiösen” is a series of events and speeches hosted by the Berlin venue Ausland – “a non-commercially run venue in berlin for music and performance and related public and non-public events”.

The events will take place on the four sundays before christmas an will, as it is fitting for the season, discuss the role of religion in contemporary society (and, as it is fitting for the Ausland, most of the discussing will be rather critical).

You will find the complete program here. I will be speaking at the 20th of December in a talk titled “Das Ende der Welt im Wandel der Zeit” (“The End of the word in the course of time”) about the way apocalyptic phantasies have been used in science fiction novels over the past 100 years to promote different ideological agendas.

If your in Berlin the days before christmas you might want to come along. Adress is here.