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Finally, some new code (needs testing)

I made some changes and additions to the “Place here”-module (content item module for Joomla 1.5.x); I have tested this with J! 1.5.15 on Win Vista / XAMPP but would welcome feedback from people who tested this on other platforms.


Version 1.3.0
+ Renamed “default” template to “table based template”
(since it’s not the default anymore)
+ Added “order by publishing date”
+ Patched in W. Brockmans change to sort by hits
+ Added integration for tags extension by
joomlatag.org (module view is filtered by templates tags)
+ You can now enter a range of ids into the id-field

So there are three minor and two major changes.

I renamed the default template since it is actually no longer  the default (this means if you upgrade the module and you use the table based template you will need to update the template setting in the module parameters).

There are some new ordering parameters, partly by courtesy of W. Brockman.

A more substantial change is some level of integration for the tag extension by Joomlatags.org (apparently not  the same as joomla-tags.com, so do not confuse the two). If you enter a tag or a comma separated list of tags into the “Filter by tags” -field (right beneath the id field) only the articles that are tagged accordingly will show up.

To save you a bit of typing you can now enter a range of ids into the id field – if you enter something like “1-3,6-9” it  will be expanded into  “1,2,3,6,7,8,9”. Incidentally this means you can use the module to show all articles with a certain tag – simply enter your tag, set the “type” option to “article” and enter “1-10000000” (some number that’s larger than your actual number of articles).

And finally I added a rather crucial sentence to the module description, and that is not all parameters will work with all templates. Selecting articles and ordering them will work no matter what, but everything that has to do with actually displaying stuff (link titles, show icons, show category etc) needs to be supported by the template (you should be okay if  you choose eiter “beez” or “table based”).

Download page : http://diebesteallerzeiten.de/blog/module-15/


    I’m back, sort of.


    Tati and Dug


    1. Whenever, I enable Run plugins option the Read more link breaks. It shows homepage link only.

      What is the reason and fix? thanks.

    2. Hi !
      thank you very much for this joomla 1.5 release !
      excellent !

      I have noted a bug that I report to you :
      in the mod_placehere.xml Hits (most hits first) should have “hits_desc” value and not “cy_asc”. — seems a bad copy/paste :=)

      thanks and keep on the good job.
      best regards.

    3. I was going to design my first site in Joomla today. And I was so damn frustrated. Couldn’t find any good way how to place editable content areas. Thanks for saving my day!!

    4. jehanon

      I want to do a category of articles and they must all works with placehere , but how does it works ?

      how can I add a category of articles to placeHere ?

      where are the settings hidden ?


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